Friday, 23 October 2015


Winter lifted her snowy garment white
Allowed Spring to come with sunshine bright
When verdant field of gentle grass
Overturned to brown when the plough did pass

The sower came to drop his seed
In rich brown soil free from weed
The warming sun and quenching rain
Give life to root crops and waving grain

Swaying branches of each fruit tree
With beauty blossoms visited by the bee
The gentle spring turned to summer heat
Slowly ripening all good things to eat

Autumn crept in with swirling mist
Made sure the ears of corn were kissed
With sparkling orbs of watery dewdrop
While the wind it whispered, time to harvest crop

Now busy hands gnarled with toil
Reach to gather the reward from the soil
The ground it gives the sea as well
A bountiful harvest from land and swell

Now we thank Him who brought the rain
Made the sun to shine to swell the grain
Without the Lord we would not be blest
With the gathering in of this great harvest

Colin Moffett