Friday, 1 November 2013


They came to mock; to stand and stare
To hurl abuse at Jesus there
Gathered around the cross lifted high
And on its frame watch Jesus die

They did not care upon that hill
Innocent blood upon the ground would spill
And only jeered with greater cries
Rejoice now we for Jesus dies

They laughed at Him with crown of thorn
Come down; come down they mocked with scorn
A sword spilled blood from His precious side
And day was as night as Jesus died

They understood not why He died that day
It was to redeem and wash sins away
Thought when they laid Him in grave’s cold bed
It was His end because Jesus was dead

But three days later and hope reborn
When grave lay empty on resurrection morn
What a blessed message to the world it gives
There is salvation for all because Jesus lives

How they mocked when they watched Him die
But now He lives and reigns on high
And when on the cross He hung and bled
It was for me because in sin I was dead

No hope I saw beyond the grave
Until I called on Him my soul to save
And He gave me life and the reason why
He said; who believes in me shall never die

And what befalls me in joy or sorrow
There is grace for today and forget tomorrow
For I am His and He forgives
And now I live because He lives

Colin Moffett


Someone is praying, praying for me
They take me to God down on their knee
They whisper my name to Him with falling tears
Telling Him of things that He only hears


Praying for me yes praying for me
Lifting me up although I cannot see
Their heads bent low
As to God they go
Into the quietness praying for me

Knowing I’m hurting praying for me
Asking from my pain I am set free
They whisper to Him O bless this dear one
Cover him over with the blood of your Son

Thinking I’m alone but one is praying
Talking to God what words they are saying
Lifting me to Him on the wings of a prayer
Showing to me that they really care

From the depth of their heart filled with love
Sending prayers for me to God up above
God’s ears are open and He will always see
Someone is praying, praying for me



The rugged cross; the iron nails
A dying Saviour; His breath exhales
For mighty King a thorny crown
They mocked and sneered and said come down

Shaking heads; passing by
The upright wood raised to the sky
Once again the mocking crowd
Looked up at Him and called aloud

Oh Son of God you others save
Unloose yourself and escape the grave
Prove to us you did not deceive
Descend from the cross and we will believe

The blessed Saviour He really could
Have freed himself and left the wood
But I am so glad He did not leave
For He died for me I believe

But those who mocked would turn away
Believing not that awful day
He was their King upon the tree
Because He choose to stay to set others free

His climbing down would be my loss
My hope for life descending from the cross
But He stayed for me so I could receive
Blood atonement for my sin I believe

Darkness came and extinguished light
Midday hours became as night
Then Jesus cried; my God; why did you leave.
As the Father poured out wrath on His Son I believe

He could come down but He choose to stay
The grave could not hold Him where He lay
And from a risen Saviour I can receive
Heaven’s eternal glory because in Him I believe

Colin Moffett


What is the depth of your deepest despair?
That you think my love cannot reach to you there
When you pour out your heart telling me your fears
Know you not that I am listening for I am a God who hears

Listening to you calling from the agony of your heartbreaking
From the trembling of your soul in despair that is shaking
Knowing your hopelessness I bring you my love
For I am almighty God and listening from above

It is my arms which will reach and will hold
Close to my bosom and sheltered in their fold
My hand will gently dry the tears from your eyes
For you are my child and I hear your anguished cries

Great is my comfort and peaceful my rest
Lay your weary head gently on my breast
Down your wet cheeks slips another silent tear
But you are not alone for I am with you here

I will hold you child in the darkness of your night
When blackness encloses you and shuts out the light
In the shadows I am with you; you will hear my sweet voice
I will turn your tears to laughter and help you rejoice

I love you my child and I want you to know
I am in the deep valley of the journey that you go
And I will lead you to the sunshine of the mountain top high
Although the way I lead; you do not understand why

Someday you will know and understand
Why I led you this road with my nail scarred hand
But know my child you are in my love
And I am gently leading you to a home up above

No more crying on its golden shore
No heartaches and tears for you anymore
No more pain to try and to test
But only everlasting joy in your eternal rest

Colin Moffett


I Am Thankful I Woke Up Today

There’s a sun in the sky
Clouds are going by
I see the morning dew
This breaking day anew
And all I can really say
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

My body aches in pain
It may even rain
But I know blessed peace
My joy it cannot cease
For my heart will not dismay
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Another chance to raise
A day full of praise
To Him who sends the light
After the dark of night
Breaks the dawn with sunshine ray
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Thankful for the living
For just the giving
Of this new day on earth
Stretching on from sweet birth
Cruel death has been kept at bay
I am thankful I have woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Colin Moffett








I stumbled so long on the broad highway
Lost; bewildered and blind
Wandering desolate; a sheep gone astray
Knowing not the Shepherd was following behind

Searching and calling; seeking for me
His hands and feet stained red
So blinded by sin I could not see
And further from Him I fled

I heard not His voice but words of liars
Called me far from His keep
Leading me in the paths of thorns and briars
And to the pit that is deep

No one to show me the way I should tread
Wolves around me with teeth that would rip
Filling my heart with fear and dread
As sin kept me in its cruel grip

I fell to my knees; I could struggle no more
I lay down in sorrow and despair
My heart was breaking; for help I did implore
Then I heard soft footsteps coming there

They stopped beside me and I lifted my head
As the arms of the Shepherd raised me from the ground
He gently held me and softly said
Now you my lost sheep I have found

I searched for you so long; be at peace now
For I am carrying you home to the fold
I heard your cries when on the ground you did bow
Now you in my arms I will hold

I closed my eyes and gently did sigh
And laid my head on His breast
Cradled to my Saviour as He carried me high
Knowing on Him I could rest

There is rejoicing in Heaven when trumpets will sound
And angels in chorus shall sing
Ninety nine safely there but another one has been found
As Jesus a lost sheep to His fold He will bring

Colin Moffett


Speak to me softly; tell me again
The name above others given to men
Whisper it slowly once more in my ear
The name of Jesus I am longing to hear

Tell me again how He came to die
Nailed to a cross and hung on high
The words so solemn; of death and grave
But speak in triumph; He is raised to save

Speak no more softly but shout it aloud
The name of Jesus to the busy crowd
Perhaps they will listen as they pass by
From your lips; Jesus saves; let it be your cry

In the words of a song; sing it one more time
Write it; print it in poems and in rhyme
Of the wonder of Jesus; never be in shame
To tell of redemption in His lovely name

Use His name wisely; speak not of it in vain
It’s the one given to the Saviour who suffered in pain
Salvation in His name and offered to you now
And at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow

It will be the name for all eternity praised
When a multitude of voices in chorus are raised
From saints who humbled hearts to claim
A dwelling in the Glory in Jesus name

Colin Moffett


It sparkles at the breaking day
The sun kissed dew of early morn
Like countless jewels on display
The grassy fields with beads adorn

When darkness cloaks the closing day
A myriad of stars shining bright
Like sparkling diamonds in array
Adorn the blackened sky of night

People seek the wealth of earth
In gold and silver and precious gem
But death comes calling after birth
What good will riches do for them?

When in life they did not grasp
The pearl of salvation bought at cost
And offered free; but in a gasp
Life is gone and souls are lost

The King of Heaven will arise
From throne of glory coming down
Seeking His jewels bought at a price
To set them in His golden crown

Each one is a precious gem
A redeemed soul by His spirit born
The royal brow will wear a glorious diadem
When once it wore a crown of thorn

They will sparkle because of that day
God’s Son paid for sin; when in scorn
Cruel men led Him Calvary way
His blood like dew sprinkled the grass in morn

When darkness cloaked three hours of day
A myriad of angels shining bright
Gazed from Heaven in silent array
At Jesus suffering under sky as night

We will shine brighter than stars of sky
Dewdrops of His blood washed sins away
The royal Prince is coming in a twinkling of eye
To gather His jewels some glorious day

Colin Moffett


I see in the distance hazy blue hills
A late evening mist creeping round their feet
A setting sun kisses their wind swept brows
Crowning with glory where their heads and sky meet

They are my hills of homes steadfast and true
Tall and proud in the evening haze
Always are there dependable each day
To meet my eyes when towards them I gaze

But other hills I long for deep in my heart
Where the Son of Glory sits on their peaks
The hills of home of the heavenly land
The eyes of my faith constantly seeks

Holy hills of heaven, dear hills of home
To dwell forever in a mansion at their feet
I know it won’t be long until death’s mist
Lays me on the hills of home and Jesus I shall meet

Colin Moffett

Monday, 28 October 2013


Angered lash of winters gale
Cutting deep with biting hale
Turning now to drifting snow
Blinding sight to where I’d go

To far of windows fading light
To escape this world turning white
To hide from cold that bites the nose
And freezes now complaining toes

Weary steps draw me closer still
Where heat is had to counter chill
Snow now drifts like billowing foam
As through its softness; I struggle home

A soul redeemed is lashed by gales
Exertions breath quick exhales
Eyes still fixed to faded light
That guides it through winter’s night

My heart is lifted as I near
The opening door to fires cheer
Escaping the bite of chilling blast
To rest beside home hearth at last

A gladdened soul enters Heavens door
Where chilling winds can bite no more
Trials of life that plagued on earth
Are now forgotten besides Heavens hearth

Colin Moffett


Heaven’s gates are opening
Slowly swinging wide
A gentle voice is calling
It’s time to come inside
The journey home is ended
Weary was your way
I guided your every footstep
And give you strength each day


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

I counted your every breath
Each beating of your heart
When you simply trusted me
And for Home you made a start
The angels now are welcoming
The streets of gold in view
And in my Father’s house
A mansion waits for you


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

No more the heartaches
The doubts and the fears
I will gently reach my hand
And brush away your tears
There is no more darkness
Neither day or night
Death will never touch you
And your attire a robe of white


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

Hear how I eagerly greet you
Welcome home my child
The lost lamb I searched for
Gathered from the mountain wild
I died for you in agony
On cross I took your place
I rose for you in triumph
And saved you by my grace


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

Gaze upon my princely head
Once crowned with thorn for you
See my nail scarred hands
As I reach to you my two
For I am welcoming you to Heaven
This place of perfect peace
Where joy and happiness is yours
In an eternity that will never cease


Heaven now your home
Come in come in well done
Your earthly journey is over
And your race now is run

Colin Moffett


It is the arms of God that hold you
When deep is your despair
When dark is your valley
His presence is always there
When He sees you are hurting
He sends you His sweet love
Caring and tender is the Father
Watching from above

He knows all your heartaches
Your hopes and your fears
He hears all your prayers
And sees the river of your tears
When the storms of trouble blow
Wicked, untamed and wild
He draws you to His breast
And says, lean on me my child

Just trust in Him completely
Let Him carry out His will
Rest on His promises
Humbled quiet and still
His ways you may know not
Some are hard to understand
But walk where He may take you
As He leads you by His hand

Colin Moffett


Where is He who was brought in?
Carried dead from Calvary Hill
His body wrapped in death shroud
And in this tomb lay stiff and still

Three days ago His blood was spilled
Death’s dark hand came to close His eyes
And in triumphant call, it is finished
A suffering Saviour bows His head and dies

Dark the tomb where He was laid
Its coldness wrapped Him there alone
And to its doorway to seal forever
They closed Him in with mighty stone

And now the question, who will answer
Where is He who quietly lay?
An angel spoke, He is risen
To let you see God rolled the stone away

For it could never seal Him in
Death could not keep Him in its hold
Why seek the living among the dead
See His death shroud lying in empty fold

Then rejoice, for He is living
Lift your hearts from deep despair
Soon the clouds of sky will welcome up
The Son of God ascending in the air

Tell to now a world of sinners
There is release from sins dark prison
Hope and life in Him simply because
Jesus Christ the Lord is risen!

Colin Moffett


He walks with me the valley wide
He climbs with me the mountainside
In darkest night my Light to guide
He will never leave my side

When I sink in waters deep
And over me the waves do sweep
He my soul does always keep
He watches me; He does not sleep

He’s with me in the storm and rain
He holds my hand when I’m in pain
He helps me take the stress and strain
And makes the sun to shine again

He stands with me in flames of fire
He rescues me from troubles dire
My sinking soul pulls from the mire
My Lord is there when I require

To my prayers He does give ear
He knows the dangers that I fear
He wipes away the falling tear
Child; He says; I’m always near

He turns aside the fiery dart
He knows the pain that breaks my heart
From me He does not stand apart
To me He does His strength impart

He comforts me when I am sad
He closely holds when things are bad
He knows the sorrow that I’ve had
His Spirit again will make me glad

He says; my child for you I care
All your burdens I will bear
Though you are down; do not despair
By your side I’m always there

Colin Moffett


Father I have sinned against Heaven and you
The cry of the prodigal; homeward bound
And the forgiving father stretched forth his hand
"My son that was lost now is found"

Once I strayed far; lost in my sin
Then in repentance I bowed on my knee
I called on my Saviour in my sorrow and shame
And in His great mercy He forgave me

Redeemed and forgiven; in salvation I rejoice
Nothing in my heart now causes me grief
I came to the One who hung on a cross
Who promised Paradise to a repentant thief

God heaped our punishment on His darling Son
The pain and agony that Jesus went through
And for the mocking crowd He called aloud
Forgive them Father for they know not what they do

I must forgive as He has forgiven
Jesus has taught me this in His prayer
I must forgive and be forgiven of my brother
Before I meet God at His altar there

Victim of the hurts many people have inflicted
I must turn my cheek once again yet
And for all the wrongs; to truly forgive them
Then I know I must also forget

Even as my Father in Heaven above
Cast in the sea of His forgetfulness
All of my sins; then who offends me
To forgive and forget how can I do less?

Nothing that God cannot pardon
All the sins and evil you have done
But one thing He will never forgive
And that is when you reject His dear Son

Colin Moffett

Sunday, 27 October 2013


As Jesus walked beside the sea
He called to fishermen of Galilee
Immediately they obeyed His call
Turned from the fishing and left it all

Not learned men of many books
Knowing more of nets and hooks
They did not wait to understand
Enough to know who made the command

Enough to trust His holy name
With faith in Him they willingly came
Just to take Him at His word
They did not reason but obeyed the Lord

They did not doubt who made the earth
Give sun and moon and stars their birth
Who formed the clouds; caused wind to blow
And sent the rain to water ground below

A hundred questions they did not ask
To quiz the Lord and take Him to task
They did not say; we must know it all
Before we will follow and obey your call

They did not stop to converse
Debate the mysteries of the universe
They left the fishing and the sea
When the Master called; come follow me

They did not take ages to decide
Quickly they came to the Saviour's side
Left it not to understanding of their own
But they came to Jesus in faith alone

When He calls come; do not hesitate
Do not question; wonder and debate
Some day much clearer we all will see
But just for now obey His; follow me

Colin Moffett

Faith Can Move The Mountain

Faith can move the mountain
That shadows the burdened heart
The high cliffs of despair
Will collapse and depart
Faith will lower the top
Of the mountain peak
Though faith’s strength be faltering
Feeble, trembling, weak


Faith can move the mountain
Lower it to the ground
When you look again
That mountain cannot be found
Eat of the Bread of Life
Drink from the living fountain
Put your faith in God
And it will move the mountain

You cannot see the way ahead
The mountain blocks the view
But a faith that’s exercised
Will make it flee from you
It’s the mountain of your burdens
Growing higher every day
Call in faith to God
And it will move away


Faith can move the mountain
Lower it to the ground
When you look again
That mountain cannot be found
Eat of the Bread of Life
Drink from the living fountain
Put your faith in God
And it will move the mountain

Why try to climb its side
For you have not the might
In your strength alone
To scale its lofty height
Just put your faith in God
Call on Him and see
The mountain in your path
Arise away and flee


Faith can move the mountain
Lower it to the ground
When you look again
That mountain cannot be found
Eat of the Bread of Life
Drink from the living fountain
Put your faith in God
And it will move the mountain

Colin Moffett



So many times they are spoken
Honeyed words to the ear
We’ll be a friend we wont forsake
If others go we will be near
We are not like others
Who are not true
No matter what
We will stand by you
I look around when they are needed
Only to find no one will stand
Oh the empty words that I heeded
They are not here to hold my hand


Empty words you cannot trust
They fly away like windswept dust
Jesus Saviour a friend indeed
His words are matched by His deed
He shows by action that they are true
No empty words He speaks to you

Jesus promised His words would stand
 All else would pass away
These words of His I understand
Of love and grace still true today
A friend I’ll be to you
Here in your need
For I love you
My words you can heed
When all will leave you and go away
Their empty words lost in the air
I wont forsake and I will stay
I am the One who will really care


Empty words you cannot trust
They fly away like windswept dust
Jesus Saviour a friend indeed
His words are matched by His deed
He shows by action that they are true
No empty words He speaks to you

Colin Moffett

Don't Make A Monkey Out Of Me

Evolutionists make a monkey out of me
My great ancestor swung from a tree
They say he was an ugly ape
That’s why people at me gape!

At monkey business I’m the best
I’m a cheekier chimp than the rest
The reason I’m like ‘orang-outang’
They say it started with a bang

It happened way up in space
When bits of rock flew all over the place
And one wee piece became the Earth
To primitive life it give birth

And how we became; the problems solved
Through millions of years we have evolved
The question of life I did debate
With joiner man; an old workmate

I argued creation; but not his solution
Says he; I believe in evolution
The reason you see I’ve a fish in a tank
Its growing four legs; what do you think

Says I to him; you’re a bit of a wag
I think you are pulling my leg
He cackled with mirth; snorted like hog
‘It’s only a tadpole growing into a frog!’

A beard to grow he did begin
Soon he had a hairy chin
It longer grew over the weeks
A longhaired rug hung from his cheeks

Evolution in reverse; I did berate
You’re turning into a monkey hairy mate
See you; I said; a little while after
You’ll being swinging from that rafter

I believe in God and His Book
As on creation I do look
It is very plain to me I can see
He didn’t make a monkey out of me!

Colin Moffett

Do My Prayers Mean Nothing To God

I sat by a bedside day after day
For a sick loved one there I did pray
Did God ever hear the words I did say
It broke my heart when He took my darling away
The pain of the loss was so hard to bear
I thought in my heart does God really care
Life to me did not seem so fair
I asked my God are you listening there


Do my prayers mean nothing to God
When a loved one is carried to the sod
When all my hopes are down trod
Do my prayers mean nothing to God

Alone in life with a kitten for a pet
For me more heartbreak was to come yet
When it died on the way to the vet
My world fell apart as my life was upset
Here again flows the bitter tears
Like so many shed down through the years
The pain in my heart cruelly sears
I wonder if God my prayers really hears


Do my prayers mean nothing to God
When a loved one is carried to the sod
When all my hopes are down trod
Do my prayers mean nothing to God

But I know in my heart He does care
The sorrow of my life He will share
On a cross He watched His Son dying there
So all of my burdens and heartbreak He could bare
He whispers to me you cant understand
But all of life I hold in my hand
It will stay or go when I command
Just trust I know best is all I demand


Yes my prayers mean everything to God
For all life will be carried to the sod
This way He has already trod
Yes my prayers mean everything to God

Colin Moffett


I walked in glow of early dawn
Tread sparkling dewdrops on the lawn
Listened to the sweet blackbird song
As eager feet carried me along

Around the pleasant flowering bed
Where thoughts of wonder filled my head
When I saw such beauty in a flower
In the morning sun of soft hushed hour

Above the drone of industrious bee
A gentle voice seemed to speak to me
Consider that flower and be content
That my love for you is Heaven sent

The flower drinks of dewdrops in early light
I kiss its face with sunshine bright
The beauty of its petal garment that you see
Is woven by my hand and clothed by me

And for you my child much more I care
Than delicate flower that’s blooming there
For I watch and see and from far above
Clothe you in the garments of my pure love

My blessings sweet I bestow to you
And refresh you with them like the morning dew
Then the voice was silent in the early morn
As I stood in the wakening of new day born

And considered all the voice had said
Its planted thoughts grew in my head
Then knew in that moment of sun rising hour
God's dewdrops had kissed to help me flower

Colin Moffett


Crimson tide; flowing wide
Plunging deep within
The rising flood of Jesus’ blood
It cleansed my soul from sin
At the cross; see the loss
Of that crimson flow
From Jesus’ side; gaping wide
From a swords’ cruel blow


Blood of the Lamb; cleansed I am
It washed my sins away
Crimson tide; flowing wide
Sinners bathe in it today

His hands impaled and roughly nailed
To that centre tree
Thorn crowned head; dripping red
And there He died for me
He arose again; so that we then
May know the cleansing purge
Of blood drops red; that were shed
And from His side did surge


Blood of the Lamb; cleansed I am
It washed my sins away
Crimson tide; flowing wide
Sinners bathe in it today

Colin Moffett


The sun was rising on the breaking day
The mist of the morning drifting away
Gravel crunched beneath feet of the country boy
His mind full of wonder and his heart full of joy
At the bend of the road he climbed over the gate
In the grass of the meadow cattle lying in wait
Surrounded by hedges and tall majestic trees
The music in the air of bird song and bees
Green valley spread out, hills all around
His heart was set to climb every mound
To walk by the side of the babbling stream
See its waters sparkle in a golden sunbeam
He was mindful of many things as onward he walked
For His Lord was with Him and with Him He talked
My eyes see Lord so many wondrous things
The yellow of the buttercup and the butterfly wings
Teach me Lord of the things that I see
Tell of your wonder in nature to me

Country boy you have such an open mind
For you know in the country my glory you can find
The lessons for your heart are seen everywhere
From the beasts in the fields to the birds in the air
For I own all the cattle on a thousand hills
The sheep of the valley go after their own wills
But I am the good Shepherd and I call my own
Not one of them will be left all alone
I was the lamb slain for your sake
Though you strayed from my fold I carried you back
You know the trees one lifted me high
Thorns crowned my brow as I hung there to die
A hill it was placed on is something you know
Like the hills in the distance this way that you go
I am mindful of the sparrows if any should fall
My wings will cover you any time that you call
See the stones that lie scattered on the ground
How I forgive a woman when sin in others were found
For they dropped theirs when asked if they had no sin
No better than the accused for they were rotten within
A stone could not keep me sealed in the grave
I am risen glorified and able to save
I clothe the fields with grass and provide for your need
Fallow ground brings forth harvest from the good seed
Yes country boy you are easy to teach
For the joy of my salvation your heart it did reach
The many times on this way you have trod
In the wonder of nature you have seen your living God

So the country boy walked on in his way
Knowing in his travel he would be blessed that day
For of the country or sea rolling wave
All spoke of Him who eternally saves
With this all in his heart of joy
Walled in peace the country boy

Colin Moffett


Come and see what I can see
Look at three crosses if you will
Someone is dying for you and me
Between two thieves on Calvary hill

Come and see His lovely head
Crowned there with piercing thorn
Look at His blood running red
Who is He the people scorn?

Hands with nails pierced through
Fixes Him to rugged tree
And His feet nailed there too
What sight is this to come and see?

Come and hear what He cries
The words He utters with dying breath
It is finished; then closes eyes
And bows His blessed head in death

Come and see now rolled away
From empty grave the mighty stone
And in its darkness where He lay
His death shroud lying all alone

Come and see as the disciples stare
At this sight so amazing
This Man ascending in the air
Leaving us behind here gazing

Call out now His blessed name
Jesus Christ the crucified
The Son of God put to shame
It was for us He bled and died

There is life in Him; He will save
Claim Him Lord on bended knee
No hope for you beyond the grave
If this Man you will not come and see

Colin Moffett


I am closer to my home
Every day I know
Travelling on this highway
As onwards I go
There’s joy in my heart
Lightness to my feet
For at the journey’s end
My Saviour I shall meet


Closer to my home
In Heaven above
Closer to my Saviour
The one that I love
The road is weary here this way that I roam
But every step I take brings me closer home

There’s burdens that I carried
Those I gave  away
To my loving Saviour
Who walks with me today
He takes me by the hand
Gives guidance to my feet
Soon home doors will open
And face to face we’ll meet


Closer to my home
In Heaven above
Closer to my Saviour
The one that I love
The road is weary here this way that I roam
But every step I take brings me closer home

A distance I have travelled 
Never looking behind
For further up the road
New joys there I find
Won’t you journey with me
Why in sin do you roam?
Trust the gentle Saviour
And He will bring you home


Closer to my home
In Heaven above
Closer to my Saviour
The one that I love
The road is weary here this way that I roam
But every step I take brings me closer home

Colin Moffett



I am sitting watching television
The wife pulls out the plug
She says; I'm going to vacuum
Look at the mess of that rug

Pull yourself together
And lift those stinking feet
If anybody drops in
I want the place looking neat

Better still; rise yourself
And get out of that chair
Go and do something useful
You are always sitting there

Away into the garden
You are only in the way
I have to get this started
I want it done today

Boy she can motor on
As she ‘hoovers' around the floor
I cannot stick the noise
So I dash out through the door

I look in through the window
The wife is going well
She's dusting; polishing; spraying cans
To give the house a smell

She looks so hot and sweaty
Her beaming face is flush
She knows how to handle
A shovel and a brush

I never knew a woman
Could get in such a fluster
Running like a spring chicken
Flapping with a duster

I think then of my Saviour
How He cleansed from sin
My dirty filthy heart
When I let Him in

I wash and shave and comb my hair
Sometimes I'm looking well
But I'd rather have my heart cleaned up
Than my soul ending up in Hell

Colin Moffett

Christ Has Claimed His Bride

I hear the wings of angels
Stirring to unfold
See trumpet pressed to lips
Ringing blast on hold

I see the great white throne
Angels gathered round
Awaiting the King to rise
The trumpet blast to sound

The Father’s voice is heard
Son; arise and go
Claim the ones you washed
Whiter than the snow

Heaven’s gates are opening
Slowly swinging wide
Jesus astride the clouds
Coming for His bride

Wings of angels catch the air
Unfolded now at last
The sound of Jesus coming
In the trumpet blast

Saints of every age are there
Meeting in the sky
Changed now and glorified
In twinkle of the eye

Heavens gates are closing
Banquet table inside
A wedding party in Glory
Christ has claimed His bride

Colin Moffett

Saturday, 26 October 2013


In the centre of my heart
Is my truest friend
Once it was in pieces
I thought would never mend
Then Jesus came to call
Stepped through the door right in
He put the pieces together
And cleansed me from all sin


In the centre of my heart
Not a corner very small
Dwells my lovely Saviour
He fills it wall to wall
He has the deeds to own it
Not just a little part
I am so happy to have Him
In the centre of my heat

He’s the centre of my world
My reason to live
Since He lifted me up
And my sins He did forgive
Now my heart is singing
He never shall depart
Since I made my Saviour and Lord
 The centre of my heart

Colin Moffett



Blood is flowing
Deep crimson red
Precious blood that Jesus shed
Nailed to a cross
The Lamb has died
Blood has flowed from the crucified


Blood that covers over sin
Blood that washes the heart within
Blood that sets the sinner free
Blood that flows for you and me

Blood is flowing
Christ lives today
Cleansing blood takes sins away
Why die in sin
When it has streamed
Daily for you to be redeemed

Blood is flowing
Oh yes that flow
Washes whiter than the snow
In its droplets
Sin cleansing power
Now wash in it this very hour

Colin Moffett


I would gather you to me as a mother HEN
I have lifted my wings to you again and again
When I would have brought you close to my breast
You would not come as chickens home to the nest

For like the OSTRICH who buries its head in the sand
You are not wise unto salvation and do not understand
No flight, like the SWIFT, can bear you away
When the devil comes as a FALCON to take you as his prey

I come to you meek; gentle as a DOVE
I offer you salvation, grace and my love
But you puff yourself up like the proud PEACOCK
With your head in the air and your haughty walk

You strut about; your plumage to be seen
Dressed in self righteous rags with pride that you preen
They; like the feathers; will moult and fly away
When the VULTURE of death comes and carries you in decay

But I will bear on EAGLE wings widespread and strong
All my redeemed; I will carry them along
For they are worth more than the SPARROWS of the air
And they will feed of me more than the RAVENS in my care

I give them a new song sweeter than the THRUSH or the LARK
No more like OWLS; NIGHTHAWKS; and lovers of the dark
For they have come into my glorious light
And their song of praise rises higher than the KITE

They will wade the crystal sea like the PELICAN or CRANE
Their cries like the SEAGULLS came not in vain
The wild PIGEON of the desert became my TURTLE DOVE
As a poor needy sinner accepted my love

In the wilderness my people fed on the manna and QUAI
The living bread I give it will never fail
And my redeemed will have eternal rest
When like birds to the tree of life they come home and rest

Colin Moffett


No beauty in the clay
As far as we can see
It looks dull and lifeless
No interest to you and me
But a gardener plants his bulbs
Hides them all away
In his heart he knows
He has planted beauty in the clay


Beauty in the clay though we cannot see
The bulbs that lie beneath hid from you and me
But they will blossom some bright glorious day
Then we will look in wonder at the beauty in the clay

No beauty in the clay
That is our mortal frame
No beauty of our own
Or of loveliness can we claim
But the Potter works with His hands
Fashions as He may
Shapes until He has
Vessels with such beauty in the clay


No beauty in the clay
Of those that we can see
We look on the outside
That is shown to you and me
But the Lord looks deep in the heart
Shines a golden ray
Sees all that the Son
Has wrought to bring beauty in the clay


Colin Moffett