Friday, 8 January 2010


It seems only fleeting hours have gone
Since this New Year first saw its dawn
When an old one was quietly laid to rest
And hope for renewal stirred in our breast

Yet already sorrow known and floods of tears
Like many before down through the years
Some dared to hope but knew in heart
Nothing would change at this year’s start

Each day turning like a book leaf
Unfolding another page of pain and grief
Sickness still goes on, death comes too
The march of time brings nothing new

That was never known in years before
As the shutting of an old opens a New Years door
But we are His and in the palm of His hand
Our Lord and Saviour who has everything planned

Not by sight do we walk in days that are ahead
But by faith alone knowing we will be led
Whether rocky mountain path or in forest glade
He will guide us along our help and our aid

Broken resolutions no good, surrender to Him
The plans of our life are not left to our whim
Our comings and goings from beginning to end
Are His alone to know in whatever days He will send

Whether sorrow or joy, laughter or spilt tear
Know He will be with you each day of this year
How many He allows none of us will know
But He will lead us all on this journey we go



I have watched you at dawn
Spread dewdrops on the grass
Watched you raise the sun
Bid the dark of night to pass

I have watched you roll the mist
Wiped its tears from the air
Watched your artist hand
Painting colours everywhere

On the autumn leaves of trees
The rainbow in the sky
Or the delicate fluttering wings
Of a beautiful butterfly

I have watched you bring snow
Spread its cloak around
Over the mountain top
And on the frosted ground

I have watched you hang stars
Give the moon her light
As she rides the sky
All through the silent night

You move the clouds along
Stir the waves of the sea
Spread flowers around
Give fruit to the orchard tree

I have watched you work
In every kind of way
Your handiwork I see
Every single day

I know you are there Lord
That you exist is true
Nature tells me everyday
That I am watching you

Colin Moffett

Monday, 4 January 2010


The winter storm rages around
Drifting snow covers ground
Frozen lakes, chilling frost
The land in white now is lost
Children playing in the snow
Sliding, sleighing, faces aglow
Cheeks as red as summer roses
Building snowmen with carrot noses

Such fun to have in a world of white
But to others it brings no delight
Treachery lurks below snowy veil
An icy patch will up heel
One false move and down you go
Along your length in the winter’s snow
To drive a car a real nightmare
Spinning, skidding and getting nowhere

Beauty no doubt in winter scene
When snow covers the fields of green
After nature herself has cast
Her snowflakes around in icy blast
Yet there is danger in her chill
As she snow caps the distant hill
For too long in her cold breath
Will extinguish life and bring forth death

Sin like snow casts itself around
Pleasure in its cloak can be found
Many play in it, enjoy the fun
Not seeing dangers that they should shun
For sin hides her slippery way
Like fallen snow lying in the way
Feet sliding, souls insecure
Heading for destruction that’s for sure

Spend too long in sins cold grasp
Death will come in but a gasp
But it’s everlasting, eternal night
For a soul was never washed snow white
Like a winters storm sin is raging
To dam poor souls its voice is paging
Snow will melt; life will be done
Then how will it be when you meet God’s Son?

Colin Moffett