Thursday, 10 February 2011


A Morning Star died to let others burn
I have given off my light now its your turn
I have returned to the Heavens when first I came
Take your light of me and go shine in my Name

Darkness is around, it’s the depth of night
People stumble in the way for they have no light
Come my redeemed, ignite yourself of me
Then glow in the blackness that sinners they may see

The path that leads to glory, light its way along
Lest they stumble in blindness, footsteps going wrong
Shine brightly like lighthouses of this I implore
That none will be shipwrecked and not reach a safer shore

You are the lights of the world, you must surely burn
Shine your light on the path at every twist and turn
I have left you to do this, the beacons that you are
Lit first from me the bright and Morning Star

Colin Moffett

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


One life is going ebbing fast away
Only one given to live every day
Hours are passing by, time is going fast
One life is going, a life that will not last


One life is given but taken every day
Time is ours for now but you cannot make it stay
The clock on the wall each ticking hour is showing
Its revolving hands tell that one life is going.

One life is going time to live it now
Days that melt away disappear somehow
Filled sometimes with joy or of much sorrow
One life is going, seek not out tomorrow


One life is going, why not live for Him
When life is gone, its end will not be grim
Life is fulfilled given to the Master
One life is going, pace is growing faster


One life is going, going, going gone
Day is ended and there is no new dawn
A soul is called to Heaven by the Son
One life is going, eternal life begun


Colin Moffett


He is casting His lasso way up in the sky
His rope of mercy circling in the air
Let its noose fall on you when it comes your way
For He wants to catch you in its circle there


He is casting His lasso
Casting it for me and you
His branding iron will seal us for His own
The mark of blood is His brand
Let Him apply it with His hand
Showing all the world that you are His alone

He is casting His lasso, casts it far and wide
Only the Rancher knows where it will fall
It may come upon you, be ready to be roped
Keeping your ears open for His cattle call


He is casting His lasso but some day no more
Will the mercy rope circle with His love
His brand marks His own who are ready to go
With the Rancher and to the great corral above


Colin Moffett


Dare to love to give your heart
Prepared to have it ripped apart
Some mother’s eyes fill with tears
Unconditional love through the years

For her children, but rejected now
To repay her care they know not how
Cheating partners, man or wife
Bringing heartache and such strife

Or love and heart set upon a pet
But once gone brings more regret
Someone to love, a life to share
Only now is misery and the empty chair

Dare to love, if we only could
Harden hearts like a piece of wood
Be uncaring and unfeeling
So broken hearts will need no healing

How would it be if it were so
Love and heartache we would not know
Dare we seek a heart of stone
Care for non but ourselves alone

Not the way God had it planned
When He formed us with His hand
Dared to liken us like Him above
To have His heart for it is love

Dared to love us when sin brought fall
Give His Son for us all
Jesus Saviour, loving heart
Died on cross with arms apart

Dared to suffer for us to save
Love triumphed over the grave
No sealing in with cold hard stone
Could stop Him rising to atone

We will know joy and heartache
The heart will love, perhaps will break
But He knows its every beat
Bring it to Him, kneel at His feet

O my friend harden not your heart
Give to Him every single part
He cares for it from up above
Trust in Him and dare to love

Colin Moffett


Many are the hazards on this road that I go
Unknown things are waiting around every bend
Up hills or straight or freewheeling at ease
Before this road of life it comes to an end

Times of merry journey like a sightseeing tour
To view pleasant things as onwards I go
This road is smooth and delightful to travel
How long to journey thus I just don’t know

A moment of time, so quick is the change
This road now perilous to be travelled with care
A hidden dip or a sudden curving bend
I see not the dangers that are lurking just there

Or the holes in this road to damage my carriage
Or the dry road of comfort that holds to my grip
Turns in an instance to one of great danger
And I to my death seem certain to slip

Joyous thoughts turn to screams of the mind
Panic and fear ride with me as I lose control
Nothing can I do in the events that are unfolding
I leave it in His hands the keeper of my soul

There is mercy for me in times like these
I have travelled so far but it’s not journey’s end
He lifts me from the ditch, wipes away my tears
Along this road to travel again He does send

For He has mapped out the distance that I will go
Gave to me His Holy Word for my highway code
Promised never to leave me in this journey of life
His hand holding mine as we travel down this road

Colin Moffett