Friday, 1 November 2013


They came to mock; to stand and stare
To hurl abuse at Jesus there
Gathered around the cross lifted high
And on its frame watch Jesus die

They did not care upon that hill
Innocent blood upon the ground would spill
And only jeered with greater cries
Rejoice now we for Jesus dies

They laughed at Him with crown of thorn
Come down; come down they mocked with scorn
A sword spilled blood from His precious side
And day was as night as Jesus died

They understood not why He died that day
It was to redeem and wash sins away
Thought when they laid Him in grave’s cold bed
It was His end because Jesus was dead

But three days later and hope reborn
When grave lay empty on resurrection morn
What a blessed message to the world it gives
There is salvation for all because Jesus lives

How they mocked when they watched Him die
But now He lives and reigns on high
And when on the cross He hung and bled
It was for me because in sin I was dead

No hope I saw beyond the grave
Until I called on Him my soul to save
And He gave me life and the reason why
He said; who believes in me shall never die

And what befalls me in joy or sorrow
There is grace for today and forget tomorrow
For I am His and He forgives
And now I live because He lives

Colin Moffett

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