Saturday, 19 June 2010


The billows roll over my soul
It’s tossed about in the angry waves
But they cannot shock the solid Rock
Of the One who eternally saves

I am anchored tight in the storms of night
To the One who will not move
Battered in the storm of the billows that form
But His steadfastness to me He will prove

My ship it falters in the raging of the waters
It shudders with groaning to break apart
But I am anchored fast in the awful blast
And He brings such calmness to my heart

The lightings flash, the waves would dash
To sink in the depth faith’s feeble boat
But the anchor chain it will remain
And the hand of God keeps my soul afloat

Rage white foam but I am heading home
In the distance beckons the golden shore
Though the spiteful gale tears at my sail
He still guides my ship with His mighty oar

The billows roll over my soul
But soon the angry storms will calm
Though they did test, God’s harbour of rest
Is the place you will find I am

Colin Moffett

Friday, 18 June 2010


I am set free His blood covers me
My Saviour dwells within
Jesus made a start in the realms of my heart
To cleanse me of my sin

This now my story I am headed for the Glory
When in death my soul takes wing
Or in the rising to the air I will meet Him there
When all of the Saints He will bring

He is my all in all the One whom I can call
For His ear is open for my prayer
In Him I shall abide, He never leaves my side
And my soul rests in His care

He calms with a gentle touch, I love Him so much
With joy my lips shall sing
Praises to Him alone for He did atone
And salvation to me did bring

I shall tell it again, hear now then
Of the Christ who set me free
To Him I did bow, no condemnation now
For halleluiah His blood covers me

Colin Moffett

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Go where your heart is country boy
Back to the land where it brings you joy
Where streams run free
And you can see
Woodlands planted of every tree
Meadow flowers are growing
Where cows are lowing
And in the distance blue hills are showing
It is your home nothing will destroy
The love you have for it dear country boy

Go where your heart is country boy
To the Creator of it all who did employ
The skills of His hand
To fashion this land
And on its soil you can stand
Wherever you have been
In this land so green
You hold it in your heart what you have seen
Give thanks to Him who gives all joy
For this land and the one to come dear country boy

Colin Moffett

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Like the falling of the golden autumn leaf
However long the span, life is but brief
Like mist evaporating in the morning sun
When darkness swallows light and day is done

A lifetime story from birth to old age
But sad the book of only one page
The beginning of life starts with a cry
A baby in its mother’s arms softly will lie

There is joy and happiness and laughter too
In celebration of one to the world so new
But sorrow is around the corner and total dismay
When such a precious gift is then taken away

A question unanswered in the scream of why
Did God give me this child and then let it die
Seems there is no reason in a situation so grim
But that only Jesus bid a child to come unto him

He is the giver and taker, sustains life or lets it fall
We know not the day when for us He will call
Someone of old age or a child that is young
Or a baby in a cot with life hardly begun

No easy answers but we trust God knows best
When a child so young is laid to its rest
A void in the heart that somehow shall fill
When we accept that God has carried out His will

Colin Moffett

Sunday, 13 June 2010


When the laughter stops in the heart
And is replaced with heartache sore
When the smile is taken from the lips
And tears from eyes they pour

The light of hope flies quick away
Despair comes in to take its place
Sadness sits upon the throne now
And of happiness there is no trace

I see the dreams of tomorrow
Snatched away with hope and joy
Fleeing from the heart of my son
As my arms cradle my darling boy

I feel the aching in my own heart
My tears they stream down like his
Trying with all I can in my power
To give him comfort in all of this

Oh I wonder as I hold him now
My son so close to my breast
If my Heavenly Father does the same
When trials they come to test

Do tears flow from His own eyes
Like this father for his child
Do His arms hold in the storm
When its winds are blowing wild

Is His Father’s heart aching too
As it does in the loved one He will hold
Does He encircle a shaking frame
With His arms and holds it in their fold

I have no doubt He surely does
Brushes away falling tear drops
His Father’s heart joins with His child
And is there when the laughter stops

Colin Moffett

Friday, 11 June 2010


A binding together, a cord of three strands
We thought were plaited by God’s own hands
But now unravelled, no more together three
For we are now unloosed, God, my dear friend and me

Like the rose of friendship planted by my lawn
The petals of our friendship now scattered and gone
Snatched away by winds that blew awesome and fierce
Now cruel thorns are left to torture and pierce

Why bind the cord but for a few years
To unloose it now to the falling of tears
A cord of faith and friendship united in the Son
An unanswered question why the unravelling was done

Was the enemy stronger than God to untie the knot?
Did my friend and I unloose it when for its binding we sought?
Or did God who held us together in His great mighty hands
Decide Himself in His wisdom to unloose a Cord of Three Strands

Colin Moffett


The rising rays of the morning sun
Drank the water of the sparkling dew
A bird song chorus broke the silence
Of birthing day crisp and new

As I walked the grass of meadow
Finding peace in the morning hours
I saw amongst foliage looking east
The smiling faces of the daisy flowers

As the sun rose higher in the sky
The dew drunk away in its burn
I looked again and noticed then
The daisy heads had began to turn

To keep the sun in their view
They strove to do their best
When next I strolled in growing dusk
They had followed it from east to west

Would it be so if we turned our faces
From our rising to God’s dear son
And kept our gaze upon Him always
Until the flight of day of was done

His is the light we should follow
Our eyes forever gazing high
It’s God son that should attract us
From spiritual birth until we die

Simple flowers in the meadow
Knowing life came from the sun
Turned their heads to watch it move
Across the sky until day was done

May we look to a greater light
In this race of life we run
To set our faces in His direction
And do our best to follow the Son

Colin Moffett