Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The guns spat flame and bullets flew
flesh ripped from bodies in withering fire
shells rained down, in fury blew
bodies in smithereens against the wire
that rowed the mud of battlefield
where men lay dying in blood and gore
tin helmets lying, a flimsy shield
from the bullets of death and they breathed no more

Lungs gasping for breath in smoke filled air
some others gasping would be their last
body parts dismembered lying here and there
blood watered the mud after the deadly blast
some they died in the desert sand
lives nearly as many as the countless grain
screams and yells echoing over the Godless land
in the killing fields that were insane

Diving and twisting in the clouded sky
engines screaming as iron birds raced
higher than where eagles dared to fly
brave pilots in cockpits sat encased
traces of fire, strings of burning lead
ripped fuselage asunder of the spinning plane
and a young pilot's eyes filled with horror and dread
for he knew death was certain and escape was in vain

The timeless waters of vast ocean and sea
lapped many a sinking ship with her restless waves
where the seagulls above winged away free
and cried over sailors in their watery graves
o wars cruel wars that brought misery and sorrow
with our poppies red we gather again this November
to honour those who give their today for our tomorrow
for the sacrifice of their giving we will always remember

Colin Moffett


Where did I say in my word
Celebrate my lowly birth
Decorate your homes with Christmas trees
Have parties full of mirth

When did I ever tell you
To replace me with another
I know you call him Santa Claus
You can speak his name no bother

Take you children to see him
Promise them gifts galore
If they are very good
They will have what they want and more

No wonder you put a great big X
Where my name should be
Or even call it a holiday
For you dare not mention me

O yes I came in lowly birth
My angels announced it to a few
But if I had not come to die
My birth was no good to you

If I had not shed my precious blood
But had lived then returned to whence I came
A babe, a child then a man not dying
There would be no salvation in my name

But I never told you to remember me
Lying in a bed of straw
But to remember my awful death
When I fulfilled God's holy law

I give you bread to break
To remember my body broken
And ruby red wine to drink
To remember my blood, a token

Yet you would rather remember me
In a lowly stable stall
Or even worse than that
Replace me with Santa Claus and not remember me at all!

Colin Moffett

Friday, 23 October 2015


Winter lifted her snowy garment white
Allowed Spring to come with sunshine bright
When verdant field of gentle grass
Overturned to brown when the plough did pass

The sower came to drop his seed
In rich brown soil free from weed
The warming sun and quenching rain
Give life to root crops and waving grain

Swaying branches of each fruit tree
With beauty blossoms visited by the bee
The gentle spring turned to summer heat
Slowly ripening all good things to eat

Autumn crept in with swirling mist
Made sure the ears of corn were kissed
With sparkling orbs of watery dewdrop
While the wind it whispered, time to harvest crop

Now busy hands gnarled with toil
Reach to gather the reward from the soil
The ground it gives the sea as well
A bountiful harvest from land and swell

Now we thank Him who brought the rain
Made the sun to shine to swell the grain
Without the Lord we would not be blest
With the gathering in of this great harvest

Colin Moffett

Friday, 1 November 2013


They came to mock; to stand and stare
To hurl abuse at Jesus there
Gathered around the cross lifted high
And on its frame watch Jesus die

They did not care upon that hill
Innocent blood upon the ground would spill
And only jeered with greater cries
Rejoice now we for Jesus dies

They laughed at Him with crown of thorn
Come down; come down they mocked with scorn
A sword spilled blood from His precious side
And day was as night as Jesus died

They understood not why He died that day
It was to redeem and wash sins away
Thought when they laid Him in grave’s cold bed
It was His end because Jesus was dead

But three days later and hope reborn
When grave lay empty on resurrection morn
What a blessed message to the world it gives
There is salvation for all because Jesus lives

How they mocked when they watched Him die
But now He lives and reigns on high
And when on the cross He hung and bled
It was for me because in sin I was dead

No hope I saw beyond the grave
Until I called on Him my soul to save
And He gave me life and the reason why
He said; who believes in me shall never die

And what befalls me in joy or sorrow
There is grace for today and forget tomorrow
For I am His and He forgives
And now I live because He lives

Colin Moffett


Someone is praying, praying for me
They take me to God down on their knee
They whisper my name to Him with falling tears
Telling Him of things that He only hears


Praying for me yes praying for me
Lifting me up although I cannot see
Their heads bent low
As to God they go
Into the quietness praying for me

Knowing I’m hurting praying for me
Asking from my pain I am set free
They whisper to Him O bless this dear one
Cover him over with the blood of your Son

Thinking I’m alone but one is praying
Talking to God what words they are saying
Lifting me to Him on the wings of a prayer
Showing to me that they really care

From the depth of their heart filled with love
Sending prayers for me to God up above
God’s ears are open and He will always see
Someone is praying, praying for me



The rugged cross; the iron nails
A dying Saviour; His breath exhales
For mighty King a thorny crown
They mocked and sneered and said come down

Shaking heads; passing by
The upright wood raised to the sky
Once again the mocking crowd
Looked up at Him and called aloud

Oh Son of God you others save
Unloose yourself and escape the grave
Prove to us you did not deceive
Descend from the cross and we will believe

The blessed Saviour He really could
Have freed himself and left the wood
But I am so glad He did not leave
For He died for me I believe

But those who mocked would turn away
Believing not that awful day
He was their King upon the tree
Because He choose to stay to set others free

His climbing down would be my loss
My hope for life descending from the cross
But He stayed for me so I could receive
Blood atonement for my sin I believe

Darkness came and extinguished light
Midday hours became as night
Then Jesus cried; my God; why did you leave.
As the Father poured out wrath on His Son I believe

He could come down but He choose to stay
The grave could not hold Him where He lay
And from a risen Saviour I can receive
Heaven’s eternal glory because in Him I believe

Colin Moffett


What is the depth of your deepest despair?
That you think my love cannot reach to you there
When you pour out your heart telling me your fears
Know you not that I am listening for I am a God who hears

Listening to you calling from the agony of your heartbreaking
From the trembling of your soul in despair that is shaking
Knowing your hopelessness I bring you my love
For I am almighty God and listening from above

It is my arms which will reach and will hold
Close to my bosom and sheltered in their fold
My hand will gently dry the tears from your eyes
For you are my child and I hear your anguished cries

Great is my comfort and peaceful my rest
Lay your weary head gently on my breast
Down your wet cheeks slips another silent tear
But you are not alone for I am with you here

I will hold you child in the darkness of your night
When blackness encloses you and shuts out the light
In the shadows I am with you; you will hear my sweet voice
I will turn your tears to laughter and help you rejoice

I love you my child and I want you to know
I am in the deep valley of the journey that you go
And I will lead you to the sunshine of the mountain top high
Although the way I lead; you do not understand why

Someday you will know and understand
Why I led you this road with my nail scarred hand
But know my child you are in my love
And I am gently leading you to a home up above

No more crying on its golden shore
No heartaches and tears for you anymore
No more pain to try and to test
But only everlasting joy in your eternal rest

Colin Moffett


I Am Thankful I Woke Up Today

There’s a sun in the sky
Clouds are going by
I see the morning dew
This breaking day anew
And all I can really say
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

My body aches in pain
It may even rain
But I know blessed peace
My joy it cannot cease
For my heart will not dismay
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Another chance to raise
A day full of praise
To Him who sends the light
After the dark of night
Breaks the dawn with sunshine ray
I am thankful I woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Thankful for the living
For just the giving
Of this new day on earth
Stretching on from sweet birth
Cruel death has been kept at bay
I am thankful I have woke up today


There’s beauty in the morning
While the sun is burning
All the dewdrops jewels away
The Saviour’s in my heart
With Him I make a start
O I am so thankful I woke up today

Colin Moffett








I stumbled so long on the broad highway
Lost; bewildered and blind
Wandering desolate; a sheep gone astray
Knowing not the Shepherd was following behind

Searching and calling; seeking for me
His hands and feet stained red
So blinded by sin I could not see
And further from Him I fled

I heard not His voice but words of liars
Called me far from His keep
Leading me in the paths of thorns and briars
And to the pit that is deep

No one to show me the way I should tread
Wolves around me with teeth that would rip
Filling my heart with fear and dread
As sin kept me in its cruel grip

I fell to my knees; I could struggle no more
I lay down in sorrow and despair
My heart was breaking; for help I did implore
Then I heard soft footsteps coming there

They stopped beside me and I lifted my head
As the arms of the Shepherd raised me from the ground
He gently held me and softly said
Now you my lost sheep I have found

I searched for you so long; be at peace now
For I am carrying you home to the fold
I heard your cries when on the ground you did bow
Now you in my arms I will hold

I closed my eyes and gently did sigh
And laid my head on His breast
Cradled to my Saviour as He carried me high
Knowing on Him I could rest

There is rejoicing in Heaven when trumpets will sound
And angels in chorus shall sing
Ninety nine safely there but another one has been found
As Jesus a lost sheep to His fold He will bring

Colin Moffett


Speak to me softly; tell me again
The name above others given to men
Whisper it slowly once more in my ear
The name of Jesus I am longing to hear

Tell me again how He came to die
Nailed to a cross and hung on high
The words so solemn; of death and grave
But speak in triumph; He is raised to save

Speak no more softly but shout it aloud
The name of Jesus to the busy crowd
Perhaps they will listen as they pass by
From your lips; Jesus saves; let it be your cry

In the words of a song; sing it one more time
Write it; print it in poems and in rhyme
Of the wonder of Jesus; never be in shame
To tell of redemption in His lovely name

Use His name wisely; speak not of it in vain
It’s the one given to the Saviour who suffered in pain
Salvation in His name and offered to you now
And at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow

It will be the name for all eternity praised
When a multitude of voices in chorus are raised
From saints who humbled hearts to claim
A dwelling in the Glory in Jesus name

Colin Moffett