Friday, 1 November 2013


Speak to me softly; tell me again
The name above others given to men
Whisper it slowly once more in my ear
The name of Jesus I am longing to hear

Tell me again how He came to die
Nailed to a cross and hung on high
The words so solemn; of death and grave
But speak in triumph; He is raised to save

Speak no more softly but shout it aloud
The name of Jesus to the busy crowd
Perhaps they will listen as they pass by
From your lips; Jesus saves; let it be your cry

In the words of a song; sing it one more time
Write it; print it in poems and in rhyme
Of the wonder of Jesus; never be in shame
To tell of redemption in His lovely name

Use His name wisely; speak not of it in vain
It’s the one given to the Saviour who suffered in pain
Salvation in His name and offered to you now
And at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow

It will be the name for all eternity praised
When a multitude of voices in chorus are raised
From saints who humbled hearts to claim
A dwelling in the Glory in Jesus name

Colin Moffett

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