Friday, 1 November 2013


I stumbled so long on the broad highway
Lost; bewildered and blind
Wandering desolate; a sheep gone astray
Knowing not the Shepherd was following behind

Searching and calling; seeking for me
His hands and feet stained red
So blinded by sin I could not see
And further from Him I fled

I heard not His voice but words of liars
Called me far from His keep
Leading me in the paths of thorns and briars
And to the pit that is deep

No one to show me the way I should tread
Wolves around me with teeth that would rip
Filling my heart with fear and dread
As sin kept me in its cruel grip

I fell to my knees; I could struggle no more
I lay down in sorrow and despair
My heart was breaking; for help I did implore
Then I heard soft footsteps coming there

They stopped beside me and I lifted my head
As the arms of the Shepherd raised me from the ground
He gently held me and softly said
Now you my lost sheep I have found

I searched for you so long; be at peace now
For I am carrying you home to the fold
I heard your cries when on the ground you did bow
Now you in my arms I will hold

I closed my eyes and gently did sigh
And laid my head on His breast
Cradled to my Saviour as He carried me high
Knowing on Him I could rest

There is rejoicing in Heaven when trumpets will sound
And angels in chorus shall sing
Ninety nine safely there but another one has been found
As Jesus a lost sheep to His fold He will bring

Colin Moffett

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