Friday, 1 November 2013


What is the depth of your deepest despair?
That you think my love cannot reach to you there
When you pour out your heart telling me your fears
Know you not that I am listening for I am a God who hears

Listening to you calling from the agony of your heartbreaking
From the trembling of your soul in despair that is shaking
Knowing your hopelessness I bring you my love
For I am almighty God and listening from above

It is my arms which will reach and will hold
Close to my bosom and sheltered in their fold
My hand will gently dry the tears from your eyes
For you are my child and I hear your anguished cries

Great is my comfort and peaceful my rest
Lay your weary head gently on my breast
Down your wet cheeks slips another silent tear
But you are not alone for I am with you here

I will hold you child in the darkness of your night
When blackness encloses you and shuts out the light
In the shadows I am with you; you will hear my sweet voice
I will turn your tears to laughter and help you rejoice

I love you my child and I want you to know
I am in the deep valley of the journey that you go
And I will lead you to the sunshine of the mountain top high
Although the way I lead; you do not understand why

Someday you will know and understand
Why I led you this road with my nail scarred hand
But know my child you are in my love
And I am gently leading you to a home up above

No more crying on its golden shore
No heartaches and tears for you anymore
No more pain to try and to test
But only everlasting joy in your eternal rest

Colin Moffett


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