Monday, 10 August 2009


Cooling breath of a whispered wind
That kisses the beaded brow
Of sweated effort in strenuous task
That a man who labours now

Knows its cooling and is so glad
To have it touch his face
A reprieve from the heat that stifles him
And surrounds him in his place

Of solemn toil and honest work
That causes him to perspire
To lift again his spirits high
When his body would begin to tire

How then of saints who work and toil
To sow and reap the sin field sod
Who are refreshed to labour on
When kissed by the breath of God

Weary ones who work so hard
Who tire in the labour field
Know that refreshing whispered wind
When wearied bodies would yield

Then labour on in what you do
Sow or reap when wheat heads nod
Faint not for you will be refreshed
When kissed by the breath of God

Colin Moffett

Sunday, 19 July 2009


We know not the hour when fleeing breath
Bids us farewell and ushers in death
When we close our eyes and life says goodbye
It steals away and then we will die

We know not the hour but it is surely coming
Each breath we take a death note is humming
In the nostrils of all who breathe in air
Death’s scythe is reaping and none it will spare

For God said the soul that sins surely will die
In Him is the truth and no shadow of a lie
Ever formed itself on His holy lips
And time from a sinner surely it slips

Fast and fleeting; so quickly it goes
How much of it left nobody knows
Carrying us surely down to the grave
What of the soul if it is not safe?

What then of your riches and treasures of wealth
No medicine will restore your body to health
When death’s chill hand touches your brow
And coldly it says; I come for you now

We know not the hour of the trumpet blast
Sounding in triumph; Jesus comes at last
When He will gather His saints in rapture to the air
Tell me my friend will I see you there?

For I know with assurance He is coming some hour
The king in His glory; mighty in power
If living when He comes my raptured body will soar
To meet with the saints who have gone on before

The hands of the clock circling its face
Pointing to time going by you can never replace
Like swift flowing sand in the hour glass
See now quickly time and life it will pass

Grasp time then sinners its precious moments not waste
For now is the time; to Jesus make haste
Call for His mercy for in fear you will cower
If He comes and you are not ready this very hour

Colin Moffett


I will send to God on the wings of a prayer
The flight of faith will carry it there
To a loving Father willing to hear
Who listens to His child with an ever open ear

They will bring to my Father thanks for His giving
His blessings for the day and breath for my living
His strength for my weakness to make me more strong
And His arms when I am weary to carry me along

The wings of prayer will take to Him my pleading
For lifting of burdens and healing I am needing
And asking for guidance and seeking His will
While I wait for His answer humbled and still

The wings of prayer may get ruffled in their going
Tossed about in wild winds of a storm that is blowing
Strong in their flight,; they rise above the tempest blown
And rest at the feet of the King on His throne

Strong wings of prayer upwards they fly
Rising from earth to Heaven on high
The longings of my heart is the sound of their beating
Then folded and still when they come to Gods seating

Sweet joy I may have and lots of life’s sorrow
And times of happiness and sadness I exchange and I borrow
For help for my burdens or for thanks for His care
I will tell and ask of God on the wings of a prayer

Colin Moffett


It is whispered on the breeze
Through rustling leaves of mighty trees
And crackling breath of fire flame
Tell the sound of Jesus name

The sound of it in sweet bird song
Or in the voice of thunder calling strong
The mighty waves of the oceans roar
The sound of His name on sandy shore

For the redeemed it is everywhere
His blessed name sounds in the air
When all of nature with one voice
Sounds His name giving voice

Come you saints who would claim
Life eternal in Jesus name
Lift you voices; with joy abound
And let your praises for your Saviour sound

For what other name brought such delight
To darkened souls black as night
He freed from sin; He took our blame
And there is life and hope in Jesus name

How sweet it sounds upon the breath
Jesus name when facing death
When dying believer will take His hand
This name will carry them to Glory land

Of all the music one may play
Or honeyed words the world can say
To delight the ear; there is none
That sounds so sweet as Jesus; God’s own Son

Jesus; how sweet it sounds in my ear
The name I love and hold so dear
I know that I am Heaven bound
Let all my praise to Jesus sound

Colin Moffett

Friday, 10 July 2009


Laughing wind it plays in delightful glee
With drifting leafs from off the tree
They dance with her in circles round
Then rest themselves upon the ground

Coloured gems alight with red and gold
Yellow and brown that branches hold
Twiggy fingers gnarled that must let go
And drop their jewels to ground below

Once green their dress that did not stay
Yet in richer colours they must decay
Leafy carpet thick on forest floor
Will rustle awhile and then be no more

The autumn mist dewdrops shall weep
As through the valley she will creep
For she knows well that death’s around
Creeping silently by without a sound

Weep she does for a harvest coming
Gone now the days when bees were humming
Coloured wings of butterflies folded up at last
And all to come is the icy blast

Her dewdrops are like tears of God
Who returns all life to the sod
In spring He gave the seed to sow
Now in autumn fall a time to mow

A time to gather the harvest in
From fruitful field and field of sin
That which is gathered from the soil
Feeds only body and rewards our toil

But a golden sun turns to a silver moon
And a harvest of souls is coming soon
When a scythe will swing and death will call
And lives drift away like leafs in fall

Coloured gems they are but for awhile
Soon decaying away in forest pile
We who dress in sin’s coloured attire
Swept up like them and ready for the fire

Our righteousness is false beauty you see
Decaying away like the leaves from the tree
Autumn winds whisper and speak in the ear
Are you ready for the reaper as he draws near?

Spring saw your birth and summer, life run
Autumn now warns, soon all will be done
The lull before the biting and bitter icy blast
And winter’s cold shroud that soon now be cast

Beautiful days of autumn of golden leafs and red
Where mist of the morning creeps along the river bed
A harvest that is reaped and safely gathered in
Off the fruitful field and from the field of sin

Colin Moffett

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Special assistance, S/A for short
Wrote on a ticket at the airport
Given to my son for his first flight
Special assistance to keep him just right

To aid him in airport and to fly in the air
At each stage going through someone would be there
No need to worry, help for my son
To see he was kept right, all would be done.

I have a ticket though not held in my hand
It is for my flight to a far of land
On it written Special assistance, S/A for short
To get me to Heaven from earth’s airport

I will be guided each step until ready for my flight
For Jesus wrote it there to keep me just right
He wrote it with His blood, it is my guarantee
That His special assistance will be given to me

He even bought the ticket for my flight to the sky
When He went to Calvary to suffer and die
He knows the way home for He arose to the air
So I can trust the S/A on my ticket written there

In airports we know many hours waiting around
Before our flights are called and we leave the ground
But however long my waiting on earth shall be
His promise on this ticket is special assistance to me

Colin Moffett

Photo courtesy of Jeannine McMullen....thank you Jeannine!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I sat against you sweet hawthorn tree
Your leafy canopy shading me
Whiling away the peaceful day
In warming heat of early May

Listening to the blackbird sing
Her song of praise in joy of spring
I saw your blossoms white as snow
Dance in breeze soft and slow

In summer days I passed you by
You stood serene beneath cloudless sky
Then in autumn mist your berries red
Were decked like rubies upon your head

When biting frost coated winter morn
Your branches bare with piercing thorn
I gaze at you sweet hawthorn tree
What truths of gospel you tell to me

Your blossoms white swaying soft and slow
Speak of the One purer than snow
Hanging from a branch as He bled
His blood running down like your berries red

What sharpness in your fiercesome thorn
Like ones that crowned Him on that morn
Then took Him out to crucify
On bark of tree beneath eastern sky

Your buds that open up in spring
Speak of new life this truth you bring
His life renewed and new life for me
These things you tell sweet hawthorn tree

Colin Moffett

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I breathe the air on the Tully hillside
As I view the vista wide
Of its abundant treasures I take note
For I am simply a country poet

To tell in rhyme the best I can
Of sunlight dancing on the River Bann
And in the distance far away
The gleaming waters of sweet Lough Neagh

In reflective thought I stand alone
To view the village of Portglenone
In the distance beneath sky of blue
The Sperrin Mountains are in view

As I turn in wonder all around
I see Slemish Mountain rise from the ground
Shades of green in every field
Or ploughed brown to bring forth yield

A panoramic view I see it all
My home in the distance looking small
To my Creator I will devote
The praise of my heart, His country poet

For I am of the country and the country in me
A town or a city is where I can’t be
It would break my heart not to walk hillside or glen
Or wade the stream of flowered meadow again

Thank you Lord for giving me this land
To view its beauty created by your hand
Another thing I surely must note
Is thank God for making me His country poet

Colin Moffett

Saturday, 13 June 2009


In tranquil peace of country lane
Each hedgerow crowned with lofty trees
As the breeze it played and tossed their leaves
Two friends prayed beneath them on their knees

In union now when one had travelled
Across Ocean waters deep and wide
On Irish soft bladed grass of sun kissed green
They closed their eyes side by side

The primroses smiled at bluebells nodding
As butterflies danced that summer’s day
Sweet birdsong drifted in the pure fresh air
When God came near to hear them pray

No chapel wall stones closed them in
But hedgerow and trees growing high
No ornate ceiling covered their bowed heads
Just mighty dome of deep blue sky

Sweet was the time yet so tearful too
As their prayers from lips so heartfelt
Ascended to their Saviour up above
From flower clad bank where they knelt

Two friends they know since that wondrous day
Their prayers together were not in vain
For God surely blessed them since they prayed
And talked to Him in a quiet country lane

Colin Moffett


Blue Hills of Antrim and green glens as well
The costal road by the mighty ocean swell
Meadows and forests and where rivers run free
The countryside of home is where I will be

Breathing the air so pure and so clean
Treading upon the grass so rich and so green
The beauty on offer is what I enjoy
It pulls at the heartstrings of this country boy

Oh Ireland my country, my dear lovely land
Created with such beauty by God’s mighty hand
As my life lingers on and I can breathe still awhile
I’ll thank Him each day for this Emerald Isle

I will walk this land as long as I may
The hillsides and valleys and by the coastal way
And ponder in my heart, how can it be
That a land more beautiful is waiting for me

When I close my eyes and bid a last farewell
To the hills, quiet forests and the mighty ocean swell
When Ireland her glens I never more will roam
I shall see greater beauty in my heavenly land of home

Colin Moffett

Friday, 12 June 2009


There is an old swing, such a story to bring
When I see it hanging on its chains
From the trees lofty bough, I shall try to tell how
The story of the Cross it explains

How people will swing, it’s a strange thing
To see them change their opinions so readily
For Jesus they lauded and Him they applauded
But now cried for His death most steadily

Pilate swung with the crowd, when they cried out loud
Crucify Him and spill His blood on the ground
They thought it was good to swing Him up on the wood
Yet no guilt in Him was ever found

So they swung His arms out, fixed His hands time about
With nails and a hammer, swung away
His feet were nailed through, then between thieves, two
His cross was swung upright that day

So there on a tree, on Calvary you see
Not growing but Life was on its bark
For God’s Son that He gifted, was on it lifted
Suffering as early day grew dark

Evil was on the upswing, but I’ll tell you this thing
Good was the winner that day
Jesus is able to save for He conquered the grave
And the devil over the redeemed no longer has sway

What way will you swing, now that is the thing
What way will you swing below the Cross tree
For they swung Jesus high, just to watch Him die
And on it He died for you and me

Will you swing along with them, and Jesus condemn
What way will your answer be
Will you swing back to your sin, or forward to win
What Jesus bought for you when He was swung on that tree

Colin Moffett

Photo courtesy of Patricia Moore...thank you Patty!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


When sun it shines at early dawn
The sparkling dewdrops sprinkle lawn
And in my garden where the flowers grow
I remember my God planted one long ago

For He once walked at cool of day
And called to Adam and Eve along the way
But they had sinned and need pardon
And God drove them from Eden’s garden

I stroll in my garden while the birds sing
I see snowdrops; daffodils welcome spring
All new life that I can see
Reminds there is new birth for me

I kneel to weed beneath sky of blue
And remember Jesus kneeled in a garden too
I wonder if His tears sprinkled the flowers
As he prayed alone in those darkest hours

I see the beauty of a rose
My Lord is lovelier than one of those
And the lily growing fair
Its beauty to Him cannot compare

I jag myself on the prickly thorn
My Lord crowned with those on crufixion morn
He whispers to me when I toil
My words of life will flourish in the good soil

His beauty is in each flower I see
There is no place where I would rather be
For I am nearer to Him who gives me pardon
When I worship Him there in my beautiful garden

Colin Moffett


When wondering eyes viewed foreign shore
Of promised land never seen before
And treasured friend with smiling face
Welcomed another one with warm embrace

When ended flight over Atlantic foam
Brought weary traveller to an Irish home
When joy in heart could not hide
As wondering eyes viewed countryside

And knew such beauty had been unseen
Until they rested there on Ireland’s green
When lips they curved in easy smile
As peace was found in an Emerald Isle

Think of what wondering eyes may see
When life’s journey ends for you and me
As we step on the foreign shore
Of Promised Land never seen before

When Jesus greets with warm embrace
And wondering eyes behold His face
Where joy in heart will never hide
As we view in awe God’s countryside

Now wondering eyes have finally seen
Where wondering eyes have never been
Until we crossed the churning foam
And our wondering eyes view Heaven’s Home

Colin Moffett


My Saviour died; He gave His all
When I was young I heard His call
His blood was spilled; I turned aside
And plunged beneath the crimson tide

And oh what wondrous uplifting joy
He answered prayer; when just a boy
His arms held open; welcoming wide
And His love flowed over me like the ocean tide

I sank below it oh so deep
When joy and happiness over me did sweep
When on the crest of a wave I did ride
And my heart was as light as the foam topped tide

But the winds came later and stirred the waves
And I seemed to loose grip on the One who saves
Drifting away from the Saviour’s side
Tossed on the billows of the angry tide

I called for help but none would hear
They turned to me the deafened ear
They walked away from the ocean wide
And cared not I was sinking beneath the rolling tide

I cried in my misery and despair
Thinking not that my Saviour was always there
And He reached His hand and did gently chide
Did you think I would let you drown in the churning tide?

I heard your cries but I had plans for you
I know for me your heart is true
I know your thoughts; nothing can you hide
And I will calm for you now the restless tide

And He rolled away the heartaches of the years
And He dried my eyes and wiped away the tears
And I know with assurance from deep inside
He has answered prayer and set me on a turning tide

Colin Moffett


Oh the fast and running river
Its waters flowing ever
Easily it powers itself along
I will leave the waterside
Plunge into its rushing tide
To be carried by its currents flowing strong

I have hiked the rough terrain
My weary feet are sore with pain
Trying with my efforts to reach where I am going
But all I know what matters
That God’s fast flowing waters
Will carry me along in their ever flowing

He sends the river running by
From His mountain top on high
It is the power of God streaming from above
There is strength in its surging
Its waters to me are urging
Plunge in and be carried along by His love

I do not have to swim
Its flowing will carry me home to Him
When its waters will reach the crystal sea
Carry me along oh river
You are the stream of life forever
And your destiny will be eternal rest for me

Colin Moffett

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I like to shun the busy street
The jostling maddening throng
For every step I must compete
And push and shove along
The heaving shops; the traffic loud
The fume polluted air
The littered streets; the pushing crowd
For these I do not care

I would rather wander the mountainside
Where the air is fresh and clean
Or walk along with measured stride
The valley pathway green
Or tread upon the forest glade
A pine needle carpet deep
Or trickling stream its waters wade
And watch a salmon leap

When to rest; a sun kissed stone
Becomes a welcome seat
And the lark it sings to me alone
My contentment is complete
If I could just but harmonise
With its melodious voice
A song of praise would surely rise
From a heart that does rejoice

All natures’ beauty it was caressed
By Gods’ own mighty hand
And with His jewels it was dressed
The sea, the sky, the land
The city streets; the hand of man
His work cannot compare
To mighty Creator; the great I AM
Whose glory is everywhere

He makes me lie in pastures green
And leads by water still
For sins forgiven I have been
To the Man on Calvary hill
The Son of God on centre tree
His death and then the grave
And arose again that He
My sinful soul could save
Oh give to me the countryside
Far from polluted air
The mountain high; the valley wide
And I’ll be happy there

Colin Moffett


Tears are falling like the rain
That hits against this window pane
I look out at the sky of grey
With no sun to light the day

Will the raindrops never stop
Falling tears matches every drop
Of falling liquid from the sky
As I sit here and simply cry

Lord heal my heart this day
Feeling lost, show me the way
I used to follow it so well
Now where to tread I cannot tell

The crows outside in darkened sky
Seem to know the way to fly
To flock in number and then to go
Home to roost row on row

Would I know what is their guide
Yet I have you Lord by my side
So why my stumble, what have I done
To lose my way with God’s dear Son

Have I Lord, as I watch rain showers
Slipped my hand away from yours
When I should hold on at any cost
No wonder now I’m feeling lost

Raindrops are stopped, I cease to cry
For now bright rainbow arcs the sky
A promise for me in its bow
That you have never let me go

O Lord forgive me that I doubt
My way ahead you have worked out
And you hold me at such a cost
That I never again would be feeling lost.

Colin Moffett


By the touch of His hand the great architect
Drew the plans of creation and brought it into effect
And all in the sea; in the air and on the land
Were built to perfection by the great builders hand

By the touch of His hand He painted the sky
When the canvas was blank the brush He did apply
The scenery of earth the great artist coloured there
And the beauty of His art is seen everywhere

By the touch of His He tuned the right notes
Give songs to the birds that warble from their throats
Written by the great musician; He give every air
Each melody to each creature He composed it with care

By the touch of His hand He formed Adam from the dust
Eve from the man’s rib and told them to trust
In Him the great creator; but they heeded not His demands
And the ruination of His handiwork has the touch of their hands

By the touch of His hand Mary conceived
Sinners trusting in her son from sin would be relieved
And Jesus the redeemer walked the dust of the earth
And said; come unto me and I will give you new birth

By the touch of His hand he healed the sick and the lame
The great physician cured all who called on His name
They crucified Him on a cross; death; a baying crowd demands
And the wood of the tree felt the touch of His hands

By the touch of His hand God rolled the stone away
Just to show that Jesus in grave no longer lay
Thomas doubted Christ had risen just the way it was planned
But believed in His Saviour when He touched Him by his hand

By the touch of His hand I know I was set free
From the penalty of sin when He reached to me
Why the great Redeemer died for me I will never understand
But I know His presence is with me by the touch of His hand

Colin Moffett


Listen to my words for I am a Gospel song
With the air of a tune to carry me along
Its notes go quickly or ever so slow
Rising high in soprano or deep bass that’s low

You might not like my melody but listen to me well
For someone composed me with a story to tell
The voice of a singer will bring me to your ears
I may fill you with joy or move you to tears

How gladly you should hear me for I tell of the Lord
The tune is a way to travel to bring you each word
And they will tell of Him who died on a tree
And the way of salvation when you listen to me

For you will hear of Jesus as you listen to my story
Of love and grace and forgiveness and the hope of eternal glory
You will hear of His Heaven and for His bride returning soon
If you but listen to my words and forget about my tune

You may not like the singer who gives my words voice
Of sad things I may tell you or to help you rejoice
But should it matter: if of Jesus they are singing
And my words are of truth in the message they are bringing

A gospel singer will use me to edify and teach
Much like a preacher in a sermon they will preach
For long hours they may try their message to converse
I may say as much in one single verse

A presenter may play me in a radio gospel programme
Along with others for of many I am
As you listen to me as my tune plays along
Please listen to my words for I am a Gospel song

Colin Moffett


There is a little piece of Heaven
It is wherever God is found
And everywhere I wander
I walk on hallowed ground

For Jesus walks beside me
He cleansed and made me whole
And everyday I am singing
With gladness in my soul

He took my hand and held it
And said from death arise
I offer salvation full and free
For I have paid the price

I took His gift so gladly
It came from nail-scarred hands
The riches I received
Outweighs the gold of earthly lands

The rich of earth are poor
If they call not Jesus name
And a beggar redeemed is rich
Although he has no fame

The self righteous stand so proud
Surely God looks well on them
To us; poor sinners; you can’t compare
Your sins will you condemn

But God He looks at the heart
And hears a sinner’s prayer
By grace and faith alone He justifies
Who stands the richest there?

There is a little piece of Heaven
Just a little that God did send
But hallelujah; there is coming glory
And all Heaven that has no end

Colin Moffett

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


He is fairer than the lilies
Of the quiet and verdant field
He is my Rock to lean on
My defence and my shield

He is the Rose of Sharon
And His perfume fills the air
He is my friend and Saviour
And I am in His care

He is the note of sweet music
That is pleasant to the ear
He gives a new song to sing
That angels in Heaven hear

He is the One who refreshes
Like sparkling morning dew
He is the lovely Jesus
The One who's always true

He is the Light shining brighter
Than sun of breaking dawn
He is the wind that blows softly
And bids the clouds be gone

He reminds me of His promises
When a rainbow arcs the sky
He bears me up on wings
Like the eagle that flies on high

Can an artist paint His beauty?
Or a poet phrase it with word
Can a singer sing of His majesty?
And the wonder of the Lord

The beauty of this world
Is only a reflection I see
Of the splendour of my Jesus
Who is everything to me

Colin Moffett


Sinking in the pit of the deepest despair
No one to love me and no one to care
In the valley of my depression in the blackness like night
With no rays of sunshine to make my world bright

Desolate and shipwrecked on life’s ocean shore
The waves of its ebbing I could not take any more
With one more angry billow into its depth I would slip
But the Master of the waves came and caught me in His grip

And His voice calmed the waters of the white crested foam
Whispering to me; I have come to navigate your way home
Fear not the storm or the angry restless sea
But hold my hand and put your trust in me

Blessed scarred hand I grasped it so glad
Tried to hold on to it with all the strength that I had
Yet feeble was I and my fingers would slip
But He lifted me up because I was held in His grip

Precious dear hand that was fixed to the tree
My sins had nailed it there; yet He still offered it to me
I caused His back to be torn by the lashing of whip
Yet He loved me so dearly to want to hold me in His grip

And oh so amazing; it’s wondrous I know
Held forever by His grip which will never let go
So mystifying; so puzzling; so hard to understand
That a sinner like me is gripped by God’s mighty hand

And when stilled breath releases me to go
There is reassurance in this one thing that I know
When into eternity my soul shall silently slip
He will carry me Home because I am held in His grip

Colin Moffett


Let it be thy blessed will
To keep me humble quiet and still
When the way ahead I cannot see
I know your hand it leadeth me

Along the way that you know best
Knowing when to walk and when to rest
You will lead me at your pace
Through valley dark or mountain face

By still waters to lay me down
Or in raging seas won’t let me drown
When darkened night sees daylight gone
It’s another day you have led me on

This walk with you has twist and turns
Yet to do thy will my heart it yearns
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry
But we share it together you and I

So my Lord to you I bow
Hear me Lord as I ask you now
To keep me humble quiet and still
As you work in me your blessed will

Colin Moffett


I stood in the forest growing so strong
From all of my companions I was numbered among
They picked me out as the rough barked tree
To crucify the Saviour of men on the hard wood of me

I felt each blow as they cut me down
Then pared of the branches of my leaf topped crown
And used one of them, the limbs of my loss
To nail it to my trunk and form me as a cross

They brought Jesus out with His thorn crowned head
The wounds of His body were dripping blood red
And they tossed me over His shoulder to carry me along
But they had abused Him so much He was no longer strong

He could not carry me but I carried His frame
For He was fixed to my trunk and they pinned on me His name
As they nailed His hands and feet I felt that I could
Feel His pain; each nail through Him also pierced into my wood

Secured to my timber, they lifted us both high
And they stood back to mock and watch Jesus die
In the long dreadful hours so solemn and dark
I felt His poor body writhe on my bark

Its roughness I hated and wished it to be smooth
For I would have given anything His body to soothe
My sap mixed with His blood and sweat He was perspiring
And knew by His breathing His life was expiring

The trembling in His body slowly diminished
Then ceased all breathing for life was finished
The Saviour of sinners hanging dead on me
And I wished otherwise it could be

For I did not want to be the one
To carry on me Gods dear Son
But it was ordained that Jesus should die on a tree
And His blood that was spilled was spilled on me

The wood of my body is long since gone
A risen Saviour still lives on
When by coming to Jesus sinners can recover their loss
I am glad I played my part by being the tree for the cross

Colin Moffett


When I see the land I long for
When on hallowed ground I stand
When my heart will overflow
When I take my Saviour’s hand

Then I’ll know I’m home at last
Journey’s end has come for me
Standing on the golden shore
Beside the sparkling crystal sea

When my eyes will cry no more
When sorrow leaves my heart at last
When I can lift my head to smile
When before I was downcast

Then I’ll know such awesome joy
Peace so calm that soothes the soul
Embraced and held in loving arms
Of Jesus Redeemer who made me whole

When I gaze upon His face
When I feel His gentle touch
When I see His lovely smile
When I’ll say, thank you so much

Then I’ll know yes surely know
As I’ve never known before
Peace and rest and joy overflowing
When Heaven is mine forever more

Colin Moffett


Blessed are we when friends they greet
Take time to stop when we meet
To ask us how we are today
And help to pass some time away
With idle talk and cheerful chatter
And converse with us on any matter
But perhaps when it’s time to part
We have not told what’s in our heart
For they are only acquaintances that we know
Just busy people on the go

More blessed are we with friends who care
With them our problems we can share
Who really listen and take heed
Or forsake us never in our need
To lovingly hold and lend an ear
And quickly dry the falling tear
When we are weak they are strong
They give support to help along
When in them we can confide
Blessed are we to have them by our side

But most blessed of all are surely we
To have the One who died on a tree
A trustful caring forever friend
Whose love for us will never end
To bring our burdens that we bear
To Him alone and leave them there
For we will never find a better rest
Than in His arms held to His breast
Or ever know a better love
Than that which flows from Him above
Earthly friends are a joy to have
To ease our sorrows and help us laugh
But if you want a friend who is really true
Jesus is the one for me and you

Colin Moffett


There is another flower that will blossom
In God’s beautiful garden above
Another jewel to adorn His golden crown
For a soul has been overcome by His love

It has been kissed with mercy by the Saviour
Drawn so gently by His infinite grace
Into His tender arms of sweet comfort
Held closely in their everlasting embrace

There is rejoicing in the highest of the heavens
Angels sing and play with delight
The golden harps sound the notes of sweet music
For a soul has passed from darkness to light

Join with God’s bright angels in the glory
Sing; you redeemed ones on the earth
Mingle your words with the heavenly chorus
For a precious soul has been given new birth

It is like the wings of a butterfly unfolding
From the prison of a chrysalis set free
A soul unloosed from the bondage of sin
When it obeyed the Master’s bidding; come unto me.

Feel the great weight from a soul that is lifted
See the links of a strong chain that lie broken
The fetters that bound it so tightly
Are unloosed; because Jesus in power He has spoken

Can there ever be an end to rejoicing
A halt to thankfulness for a sinner made whole
Will eternity ever be long enough?
To praise Jesus for saving each repentant soul

Colin Moffett

Monday, 8 June 2009


I looked unto the distant hill
At evening’s disappearing show
And watched the setting sun
Set the sky aglow

The redness of the western sky
Spoke of blood running free
And the purple reminded me of the King
Who died on a rugged tree

I watched the drifting darkness come
In sunset’s fading light
And all its brilliant radiance
Being swallowed up in night

I thought of a loving Saviour
Who came to die and save
How the beauty of His brilliance
Was swallowed up in grave

I watched the setting sun
Disappear behind the hill
And remembered the Son of God
Doing His Father’s will

I looked unto the distant hill
At morning’s appearing show
When the rising sun
Set the sky aglow

I thought of a risen Saviour
As I watched the eastern sky
How it would be bathed in radiance
When He comes back by and by

The sunset was beautiful
When the west was all aglow
But when the Son of God lights the eastern sky
What splendour will be on show

Colin Moffett


Before angels beheld His holy face
And stars stood not in their place
When no creature breathed living air
In eternal dwelling my God was there

And then He spoke and it was so
Creation’s canvas was there on show
And all came forth at mighty call
It pleased Him well when He viewed it all

When from the dust He formed the man
Already in place salvation’s plan
Before creation’s dawn was given birth
God’s only Son was ordained for earth

And though for sin God sent the flood
He promised redemption through precious blood
To rescue sinners from the fall
He sent His Son to do it all

A wooden cross received His frame
And pardon found in that precious name
When; it is finished; came in triumph call
And in His death Jesus gave us His all

All of that way His Father willed
All for us His blood was spilled
All completed in salvation’s plan
And all must come now to this Man

For all have sinned; then who can save
But Jesus risen from death and grave
And all; He says; who come to me
Will receive my pardon full and free

All to Jesus I will give
My heart; my soul that I might live
For calling me glad is my call
For all your giving Lord; I give my all

Colin Moffett

Sunday, 7 June 2009


With joyful heart our voices raise
To God our Saviour we bring you praise
In happy melody we will sing
Words of worship to our King

Let all creation clap aloud
The shining sun dispels the cloud
It turns the darkest night to day
And in rejoicing we can say

Thank you Father for your dear Son
Praise the Lord for what He has done
When souls as black as the deepest night
Where freed from darkness by His light

Let the mighty ocean waves
Roar aloud that Jesus saves
Let its flowing and ebbing waters talk
We are anchored in Christ the Rock

When the singing rivers rise in flood
We praise you Lord for your flowing blood
The murmuring waters lap riverbanks
And to its song we join our thanks

For our redemption we can but wonder
And clap our hands like the rolling thunder
And sing in praise to blue capped hills
On one of you His blood it spills

Lift our hands as the branching tree
And praise Him that He died on one for you and me
The boulders shout; their voices boom
Not one of us could keep Him sealed in the tomb

The wind is calling through waving grass
The day of grace soon it will pass
And in awhile a redeemed people will rejoice
In a heavenly choir giving voice

In a song worthy to the Lamb
Echoing in the city of the great I AM
When in golden streets our voices will raise
And sing; yours o’ Lord is all glory; honour and praise

Colin Moffett


When my laughter fills the air
And my heart it is carefree
It is lovely with a friend to share
The moments of joy with me

Or when my eyes fill with tears
And my heart is heavy with care
What a comfort to tell my fears
To a friend who is listening there

For a true friend will help lift
The burden of a heavy load
Their aid to me will be swift
When I falter along life’s weary road

Hold on to a friend that is true
For many there be that are not
A friend that is praying for you
When others will give you no thought

I cannot see life’s plan
Or how my journey will end
But greater love is not known than
That someone will lay down their life for a friend

And such a one I have found
Jesus; who died on the wood of a tree
I was His enemy and Hell bound
But there He died for me

What love sent Him to the grave
My mind cannot comprehend
Why He came my soul to save
So I could call Him my friend

Jesus in triumph did ascend
Far above the blue sky up above
Now He is my living forever friend
The friend who gives me His love

Colin Moffett


Just a word from His Heavenly tongue
Echoing through the vastness of space
When the breath of Almighty God hung
The multitude of stars in their place

One word from Him and it was done
He built the mountain high and spread the ocean
The moon to rule night and the daytime sun
The spinning of earth He set in motion

The word of His lips give birth
To birds that wing upon the air
In the mountains and vales of Earth
And in the seas He created all life there

He stooped and formed man from the dust
And breathed in his nostrils living breath
I am the Lord; o’ man; holy and just
Disobey my word and you will taste of death

What foolishness then sinful man
That the path of sin you have trod
And Jesus crucified in Salvation plan
To reconcile you to Almighty God

Fear Him; He has all power
The breath of your life is in His hand
You know not your dying hour
When for your soul He will demand

He walks in the vastness of space
From eternity to eternity He reigns from above
Then measure to me His saving grace
And the depth; height and width of His love

Tell me again how He raised from the grave
When death; the penalty for sin was done
And hope and life and saving grace
Is found in His resurrected Son

What a song of redemption and praise
That will flow from deep in the heart
When the redeemed their voices will raise
To sing to Almighty God; How Great Thou Art

Colin Moffett


There is sunshine today; sins are washed away
I walk with the Lord in His light
There’s a song in my soul; Jesus made me whole
And filled my heart with delight

Such beautiful hours; in God’s blessings showers
He sends all day with His love
He whispers in the breeze; there will be plenty of these
Coming to you from above

In the rain there’s a bow; just to let you know
My promises are steadfast and sure
Forever your friend; riches I send
Your soul never again will be poor

What joy; what peace; God sends the increase
The river of His love overflowing
Grey clouds will part; there’s sunshine in my heart
With a brightness that is forever glowing

I’ll sing with my voice; shout and rejoice
In a hymn of adoration and praise
I am saved I know; Jesus loves me so
And my thanks to Him I will raise

His name I am voicing; my heart is rejoicing
Sing my captured soul then sing
To the One who bought you; of course you ought to
Give thanks to your Heavenly King

Colin Moffett

Saturday, 6 June 2009


We scold about the cold, the wind and the rain
When the sun peeks out then we’re at it again
Our summer comes around, it’s wet every day
Then its grows hot and we’re melted away

Like me and the wife when we set off in the car
It was boiling inside as the sun melted the tar
We headed to the beach for a paddle and a wade
She wanted no sunburn so she sat in the shade

Complaining all the while about the sand on her feet
Rejoicing in the cooling shade and out of the heat
Not like me the fool man with nothing on his head
Out in the sun and my scalp turning red

I headed for the sea to dip in a toe
Then rolled up trouser legs and in further did go
Now I was up to the knees, I felt really brave
For at any moment I could have been swept away by a wave!

I listened to the ocean, the seagulls and kids scream
Then headed up the beach to get an ice cream
I rejoined the wife with a cone and handed her a ninety nine
Licked and slurped away and ate them just fine

I looked across the beach at the people on sand and in sea
Thinking, in one hundred years, not one of them would be
Enjoying themselves in the water or on the golden shore
For the sand of time would have ran out and they would be no more

Like generations before us who knew the summer sun
Their sunshine rays have gone forever for their lives have been run
The water of the sea has bathed many bodies in her waves
How many washed themselves in the blood of the Lamb who saves

A countless number have gone like the grains of the sand
How many were held in the going by God’s own hand
Summer days may get hot and in the heat it is no fun
But I pray you rejoice in the sunshine of God’s own Son

Colin Moffett