Saturday, 19 June 2010


The billows roll over my soul
It’s tossed about in the angry waves
But they cannot shock the solid Rock
Of the One who eternally saves

I am anchored tight in the storms of night
To the One who will not move
Battered in the storm of the billows that form
But His steadfastness to me He will prove

My ship it falters in the raging of the waters
It shudders with groaning to break apart
But I am anchored fast in the awful blast
And He brings such calmness to my heart

The lightings flash, the waves would dash
To sink in the depth faith’s feeble boat
But the anchor chain it will remain
And the hand of God keeps my soul afloat

Rage white foam but I am heading home
In the distance beckons the golden shore
Though the spiteful gale tears at my sail
He still guides my ship with His mighty oar

The billows roll over my soul
But soon the angry storms will calm
Though they did test, God’s harbour of rest
Is the place you will find I am

Colin Moffett

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