Friday, 1 November 2013


Someone is praying, praying for me
They take me to God down on their knee
They whisper my name to Him with falling tears
Telling Him of things that He only hears


Praying for me yes praying for me
Lifting me up although I cannot see
Their heads bent low
As to God they go
Into the quietness praying for me

Knowing I’m hurting praying for me
Asking from my pain I am set free
They whisper to Him O bless this dear one
Cover him over with the blood of your Son

Thinking I’m alone but one is praying
Talking to God what words they are saying
Lifting me to Him on the wings of a prayer
Showing to me that they really care

From the depth of their heart filled with love
Sending prayers for me to God up above
God’s ears are open and He will always see
Someone is praying, praying for me


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