Friday, 1 November 2013


The rugged cross; the iron nails
A dying Saviour; His breath exhales
For mighty King a thorny crown
They mocked and sneered and said come down

Shaking heads; passing by
The upright wood raised to the sky
Once again the mocking crowd
Looked up at Him and called aloud

Oh Son of God you others save
Unloose yourself and escape the grave
Prove to us you did not deceive
Descend from the cross and we will believe

The blessed Saviour He really could
Have freed himself and left the wood
But I am so glad He did not leave
For He died for me I believe

But those who mocked would turn away
Believing not that awful day
He was their King upon the tree
Because He choose to stay to set others free

His climbing down would be my loss
My hope for life descending from the cross
But He stayed for me so I could receive
Blood atonement for my sin I believe

Darkness came and extinguished light
Midday hours became as night
Then Jesus cried; my God; why did you leave.
As the Father poured out wrath on His Son I believe

He could come down but He choose to stay
The grave could not hold Him where He lay
And from a risen Saviour I can receive
Heaven’s eternal glory because in Him I believe

Colin Moffett

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