Thursday, 10 February 2011


A Morning Star died to let others burn
I have given off my light now its your turn
I have returned to the Heavens when first I came
Take your light of me and go shine in my Name

Darkness is around, it’s the depth of night
People stumble in the way for they have no light
Come my redeemed, ignite yourself of me
Then glow in the blackness that sinners they may see

The path that leads to glory, light its way along
Lest they stumble in blindness, footsteps going wrong
Shine brightly like lighthouses of this I implore
That none will be shipwrecked and not reach a safer shore

You are the lights of the world, you must surely burn
Shine your light on the path at every twist and turn
I have left you to do this, the beacons that you are
Lit first from me the bright and Morning Star

Colin Moffett

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  1. Nice work Colin.. Quite witty in its own sense and to the mark. Got to appreciate your work.

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