Friday, 8 January 2010


I have watched you at dawn
Spread dewdrops on the grass
Watched you raise the sun
Bid the dark of night to pass

I have watched you roll the mist
Wiped its tears from the air
Watched your artist hand
Painting colours everywhere

On the autumn leaves of trees
The rainbow in the sky
Or the delicate fluttering wings
Of a beautiful butterfly

I have watched you bring snow
Spread its cloak around
Over the mountain top
And on the frosted ground

I have watched you hang stars
Give the moon her light
As she rides the sky
All through the silent night

You move the clouds along
Stir the waves of the sea
Spread flowers around
Give fruit to the orchard tree

I have watched you work
In every kind of way
Your handiwork I see
Every single day

I know you are there Lord
That you exist is true
Nature tells me everyday
That I am watching you

Colin Moffett

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